Target logistics solutions ltd. has set itself the goal of satisfying the client’s future needs already today.

During each stage of the supply chain, which is inherent  in our business as forwarders and as logistics service providers, we strive to present to the client, as well as others who are involved in the process, simple, applicable and easy-to-implement solutions, which constantly take into consideration the  cost/benefit of each and every stage of the process.

Words will not get the job done; they will not move the cargo.
We belive that unless you aim at a target and strive to accomplish it ,you are not in a position to offer your clients a higher and different quality of services, throughout the shipment’s voyage to its destination.

Based on Target’s vision, our company strategies focus on:

  • developing innovative technology solutions.
  • striving for operational excellence.
  • providing services beyond customers’ expectation
  • developing  service capability to meet our customers’ needs.

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