Target logistics solutions is one of the most sophisticated logistics providers in Israel.
Our diversified services range between P.O to P.O.D. The accumulated experience of the company’s employees and management is extensive and varied, in both air and ocean shipments (Read more).

Vision and Strategy

Target logistics solutions has set itself the goal of satisfying the client’s future needs already today.
During each stage of the supply chain, which is inherent  in our business as forwarders and as logistics service providers, we strive to present to the client, as well as to others who are involved in the process, simple, applicable and easy-to-implement solutions, which constantly take into consideration the  cost/benefit of each and every stage of the process (Read more).

Our Services

Our comprehensive logistics solutions include: Air cargo (import & export), Ocean cargo (import & export), Door-to-Door, Drop shipments, Consulting, Customs clearance, Land transportation, Intelligent logistics, Interactive tools & technology (see Smart Shipping Solutions).

Information Technology (IT)

Today, communication and computers technology allow us to manage all the stages of the supply chain by developing computer systems, which control and monitor various processes.
The world has become a “global village”. Thus, all parties are aware of the logistics process.
We at TARGET know that our job is to see to it that the process is well orchestrated and performed in harmony (See Interactive Area).

Our International Partners

Top class agents around the world enable TARGET to commit itself to a full range of international freight forwarding.
The variety of services are tailored to our customers’ needs for both import & export shipments.
We have the capability, human resources and experience to move your cargo (See World Wide Agents).


TARGET‘s customers comprise companies from all sectors: Hi-tech, Textile, Construction, Commerce, Computers, Consumer goods, Chemicals, Air conditioning and more…

Added Value

TARGET has developed different products designed to assist its clients to find a suitable response to their needs.
Due to the combined capabilities of our staff we consider ourselves as a link within the clients’ added value chain.

Our added value services include the following :

1. Simplifying the process – during each step of the supply chain we aspire to present to the client a simple, applicable and easy- to- implement solution.

2. Unique computerized solutions designed by TARGET team:
T.D.A. = TARGET Data Analyzer (Read more…)
Visual data analyzer -  We give our customers the means and the abilities to analyze all data relating to their shipments.
S.S.M. = Smart Status Monitoring
(Read more…)
Hands Free Status Monitoring on Your Screen.

You choose which shipments you would like to monitor and view their milestones along their voyage to the final  destination.